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    From conglomerates to start-ups, businesses are sending products, services and ideas into world markets. Too often companies decide to go global without taking time to understand the culture and values of the countries where they plan to sell products and services. An understanding of cultural values and differences can mean success or failure in a new market. We offer training and individual counsel to help companies avoid mistakes when going global – whether it is [More...]

Developing Global Leaders

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    As companies staff global markets, they are tasked with selecting the best managers for the assignments. Knowing what to look for during the selection process and preparing managers for global deployment means the right people will be prepared for what they will find on arrival. Ingredients that assist in this process include an assessment of leadership potential and [More...]
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    Sometimes in the day-to-day activity of doing the job, attitudes about whose job is more important may disrupt the process. One individual may feel his or her job function outranks others. Does the higher-ranking member’s viewpoint prevail? What about bridging silos to meet customer needs as organizations go global? Because teams consist of individuals with varying [More...]
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    > Are you entering new markets? > Looking for global partners? > Considering a merger or acquisition? > Setting up local operations? Before investing in a new market, decide what you want from the relationship. Developing a plan to navigate the market means creating a map for how to get there. Our market entry template helps you assess where you are now and [More...]

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