Business has gone global

From conglomerates to start-ups, businesses are sending products, services and ideas into world markets.

Too often companies decide to go global without taking time to understand the culture and values of the countries where they plan to sell products and services.

3d colour boxes with world map like Rubik's Cube.An understanding of cultural values and differences
can mean success or failure in a new market.

We offer training and individual counsel to help companies avoid mistakes when going global – whether it is North American companies going into international markets or companies coming to the US to start or expand businesses here.

We counsel companies that want to foster trade development in new territories, entrepreneurs that want to take products and services into new markets, companies that want to understand cultural differences and how these difference will influence their plans for entering new territories.

We coach organizations that want to improve communications with clients as well as internal constituents. For many it requires developing leadership teams capable of taking on global assignments and training managers to be ambassadors and stewards for their companies.