Facilitating Cultural Understanding

“Americans want to fly in, sign the contract and catch the next flight out.”

You hear that a lot.  That’s how it’s done in the US.  That’s not how it works in the rest of the world.

Lack of cultural understanding can adversely affect how a company is perceived and may even harm business relationships.  Culture affects all aspects of business including decision-making and day-to-day business activities.  It is a framework for our deepest values.

Understanding how culture shapes our view of the world and how we judge others in business situations – and how to overcome these cultural biases – forms the foundation of our cultural coaching practice.

At Strategy for Global Markets we offer training workshops and individual counsel to help companies avoid mistakes when going global.

We counsel companies and organizations to first formulate a market entry strategy that includes a keen understanding of cultural differences. Understanding how to perform in situations where there is cultural diversity can be the difference between success and failure.